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Terms and Policy

Booking with Red Rocks Shuttle (herein referred to as "RRS," "we," or "us") means you acknowledge you've read this agreement document completely. Booking also means you agree to our terms, conditions, and policies in full.
By booking, you signify your consent to us charging your credit card or other accepted payment method in full for all costs associated with your reservation. These charges can include, but aren't limited to, hourly rates, mileage, fees for waiting time, cleaning fees, damages, fuel costs, and stops.

No-Shows. We don't refund customers who don't show up ("no-shows").
You also agree that RRS services are considered rendered after the cancellation window expires. This applies no matter whether you've entered one of our vehicles.

Pickups and Wait Times. We want to make things easy — so we allow you a grace period of 10 minutes (maximum) from your prearranged reservation time. This applies to any pickup except for airport trips.
What happens after the grace period expires? You'll be charged an hourly rate of $180. We prorate this rate at $3 per minute.

Cancellations. 24-hour free cancelation policy. You can cancel your shuttle ticket or a private car for a full refund as long there are 24 hours before the pickup time. If you're a no-show or you cancel within less than 24 hours before the pickup time, your reservation is nonrefundable.

Stops in Transit. All stops must be scheduled in advance at reservation time. We cannot guarantee the availability of stops scheduled after your reservation or schedule deviations.
Any stops that deviate from your preplanned route must be approved by an RRS dispatcher before your driver will stop. If the driver has to wait at the stop in transit, you'll be charged an hourly waiting time rate of $180, prorated at $3 per minute.

Affiliates. We reserve the unrestricted right to use affiliates to serve our clients, and you are not entitled to notice when we change these service partners.

Vehicle Damages and Cleaning. You consent to be held responsible for any and all damages or cleaning charges incurred during your trip. These costs may include, but are not restricted to: Illness, vomiting, and sickness:
Cleaning fees of $350 per incident.

Upholstery Tears:
Fees to be determined.

Opening a Door Into a Vehicle or Stationary Object:
Damage fees amounting to the greater of $500 or the actual costs of replacement or repairs. You acknowledge that these are just guidelines — we can change them without prior notice. The amount you see on your bill will reflect both the cost of repairs and the time your vehicle is out of service.

Lost or Damaged Articles. You agree that we aren't liable or responsible for any property lost, left behind in a vehicle, or damaged during your trip. If we return your lost items, we reserve the right to charge you a delivery or postage fee at our sole discretion.

Termination of Reservation by RRS. We're all about safety. If we, our dispatchers, agents, or drivers feel that you or any riders in your party place our employees or vehicles at risk, we may unilaterally terminate your reservation with no refund provided.
We may terminate reservations and provide refunds in the event of inclement weather, traffic, mechanical breakdowns, or poor road conditions.
You agree we aren't liable for mechanical breakdowns during chartered trips.
You agree we're only responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. You agree not to smoke in any of our vehicles under any circumstances. Under no circumstances will you consume alcohol or transport open containers of alcohol in any of our vehicles with ANY passengers being under the age of 21 years old.

Uncontrollable Acts of Mother Nature and/or God. You concede that RRS is not responsible for circumstances outside our control, acts of Mother Nature, acts of God, and human-caused events, such as, but not restricted to, transit delays, road closures, or accidents.